10 Points


Love the runway use of antlers!

I think these horns/antlers make the room or should I say closet??

Another funky version of antlers on the runway-I wonder what would happen if I wore these through the city?

Baby room version, I hope they were mounted properly!


Great for hanging things

Mrs. Viñas did this display in one of her projects, I am meant to intern with her!

Knitted (this sparked another idea!)

My antler makeover

Lady Gag knows what I am talking about...

The crisp white version

I have had this weird obsession with antlers for a few years now...random I know! Not saying that I love collecting them nor do I like the rustic homes where men hang their big 10 point antlers year after year on the wall! I hate the large antler chandeliers as well, they're just not for me.. I am talking about the abstract version of displaying antlers. My junior year of college I designed a room where I had turquoise lacquered antlers above the fireplace. Since that project I have had an itch to do something with antlers. So before moving to NYC I bought some small mule deer antlers then spray painted them metallic gold to put above my bed. I love how they turned out..chic I must say. So I found some photos of antlers with a twist!

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