Hayon + Viñas





Viñas [styrofoam light]


Viñas [a crocheted lamp base!]

Jaime Hayon

Ghislaine Viñas

While I have been in the Big Apple I have been lucky to work with Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design...The woman is genius!! I can not even explain how amazing it is being able to sit and listen to her design and thought process. She was on the cover of Interior Design Magazine in September check out the story http://www.interiordesign.net/article/531958-Downtown_A_Love_Story.php. Then there is the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon who also has amazing interiors and creates beautiful unique furniture and accessories! I have a big wish to see these two combine on a project one day. A hotel, restaurant, store, nightclub, or even a fabric line...give me anything!! Put these two together and something insane, but beautiful will be born!

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