hurricane sandy - vlog post

i always thought of sandy as a sweetheart,
but she turned into a real b**ch!!!

my husband took this picture today, this is on his bike path route 
to work!! check out that building!! lost the front to it's top floor, how awful to
have been parked right underneath that building.

flooding at ground zero!! not like they need anymore clean up...this image freaks me out
image via 

watering pouring in the new jersey path station 
seriously looks like an image from titanic or as my friend said a ride and universal studios.

a facade from a building in chelsea completely gone!!
image via

kinda love the guy who was covered in scuba gear and scuba diving in
the flood!

i don't even want to know what is in that water!!
image via

flooded subways!!! this is such a disaster!! the subways are my life line
for commuting around the city, now what??
i know this is something that won't be fixed anytime soon.
look how much water is in this station!! un-real!!
image via

watch how much water is going into the brooklyn battery tunnel!!
it looks like a ship is about to sink.

my husband and i were glued to our tv yesterday!
thanks to all the reporters who braved the storm to give us up to minute coverage!

did you see the con ed power plant explosion??
no wonder why millions are out of power!
this looks like something right out of a horror movie.

i did a vlog post so our family and friends know we are ok,
a lot of texts and phone calls coming in so i thought it would be best to send them all a
video update!

praying for all who weren't as fortunate as we were!!


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