painted rooms

no secret...i love color! i found some images from a blogger friend (and some images are from my phone) and i couldn't help put them up! i love the way some of these rooms are painted!

these two colors together are so beautiful, gray + mint! i also love how they treated the ceiling, pipes, moldings, and split the wall. gorgeous!

speaking of mint check out these wood exterior painted mint inside shelves i spotted at urban outfitters last night. i want some!

in this image they painted the canvas the same color as the wall. i love the monochromatic look.

i truly love when people paint the ceilings.

orange stripes. do you dare try?

my orange doors in my apartment. i love them very much!

if you don't share the same passion for color like moi try doing it in black like this image above. extra glossy!


  1. wow!! loving all these colors!! I, myself seem to be drawn toward brights!

  2. The grey and mint together look so good! Relaxing and full of life. I dig!

  3. Grey and mint = major swooning! I also fell in love with the orange door!

  4. I love you all for loving color!! xoxo

  5. such amazing color combos, thanks for sharing!


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