renovating the rental...kitchen pics

just from reading the title i'm sure you're thinking "why on earth would you renovate a rental"
well... we found a great size apartment at a great price, 2 blocks away from the subway, good natural light, near a 24/7 grocery store and has laundry in the basement. only stinky part was the place needed some fixing up!!

there was sad beige carpeting through out the apartment and the kitchen looked like it hadn't been updated in decades. the toe kick was rotting, the drawers would fall once you opened them, the faucet leaked water everywhere, the cabinets were old and the kitchen flooring was old old stained vinyl tiles!!

it wasn't in the greatest shape. my landlord was amazing- she has never met me before but trusted me to work out deal. instead of us paying rent during the month of october we could use that money to fix and renovate the apartment. we didn't have much to work, with we only had $1,150 to make a new kitchen, refinish the hardwood floors, get new light fixtures and pay for labor. BUT if you know me at all you know i am great with working on a tight budget! 

 i only spent $950 on all the materials
here is a list of what we did:
refinished the hardwood floors
cabinets (the new ones are larger and fill the space)
sink and faucet
subway tiled backsplash (there wasn't even a backsplash before)
3 new light fixtures
new shelf to store the microwave
tiled floors
fixed up all the holes in the kitchen 
painted the walls
bathroom storage cabinet

we went over a few hundred with paying in labor though...
but this place looks a million times better!!

so here are some quick before and after pictures (taken on my phone)
fyi i'll be posting more soon once the place is completely finished... only a few more decorative items left!!


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