i want a neon holiday

 walking to work yesterday i noticed some stores are putting together their holiday collections, 
i was extra happy to see the stores use neon colors!!
and... i'm also really loving h&m's and kate spade's videos for their holiday collections! 

first watch the versace for h&m collection video
i love the wacky artistic vibe it has going on. 
(not much neon in the video but you can find it in the collection)
i LOVE their campaign!!! 

watch below

next watch kate spade's 2011 holiday campaign video.
 i'm loving all their use of color! makes me go want to wrap something with neon paper asap!!


walking past gap i snapped these neon loving pics

how cute are the neon wrapped boxes?!

i will be using tape to make a christmas tree for my studio like the image below...so clever!!

colorful neon lights/clothes all over uni qlo!

liking this neon wreath minus the flower things.

kind of liking the idea of neon holiday cards.

i want to ask santa for neon headphones!!

and a neon hoodie from american apparel 

i might as well ask for a neon beanie while i'm at it!

these neon pink gift tags from etsy are perfect! only 3 doll hairs!

don't get me wrong...i love reds and greens for christmas! i'm just happy seeing neon colors out in the world for the holiday season 
(sorry to some for mentioning christmas before thanksgiving)

kisses! xoxo

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