made my heart melt: daycation to nantucket (video)

my heart is still melting from our saturday daycation in nantucket.
when i was younger a good friend of mine had a sweatshirt that said "nantucket"
i remember asking her what that meant and she described the place to me.
ever since then i wanted to visit! it sounded like an east coast dream...

so saturday morning we jumped on a flight from nyc to nantucket. 
we walked from the (adorable) airport into town, about a mile walk. i loved it because we
got to see the area and feel the local nantucket vibe. we walked all over that cute little island, enjoyed lunch and spent some time at the beach. we were there for 5 hours and made the trip back home to the city.
it was wonderful to go visit nantucket, even if it was just for the afternoon.

we've been on a loot of trips and never make movies of our adventures...so this time we decided we'd make one! so go ahead and watch our video "daycation to nantucket" for a quick glimpse of our relaxing/joyous/beautiful afternoon...

and here are some instagram pictures from the trip
we are truly blessed we can travel like we do!!
if you ever get the chance to visit nantucket GO because it will make your heart melt!
hope you have a wonderful start of your week.


  1. I'd love to visit Nantucket. Seems like some place I always read about in my dreamy romance novels. Ha! Love that you saw a lemonade stand too. Neighbor kid had one this past weekend and I thought it was precious.


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