adore color: pink fluff

happy tuesday color lovers!!
i've been loving a lot of pink images lately which is weird for me because i'm not really a 
pink kinda gal.
but i do have a fascination for pink images! and lately it's been pink hair...
hope you love these pink images as much as i am!!

(top left to right)
this beaut has only a little hint of pink in her hair.  via
but her pink outfit is what grabs my attention! especially with her hidden pose. 
loving this pink art graphic so very much. via
pink brick?? why didn't i think of that...only for the brave and bold! via
would you sport this pink fur number around town?? via
love this splash of pink in the shower of an all white bathroom. via
fabulous pink coat rack by tom dixon.
half man half pink! this is such great art. via

pink isn't just for girls...
it's for the happy color lovers :)

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  1. Love your "huesday" posts :) The pink bedroom with pink brick walls is to.die.for!



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