what i love right now: guilherme torres part II

i literally always love what brazilian designer guilherme torres does. he is one of my favorite designers on this planet!  he is a big think outside the boxer- and his work doesn't look like all the others.
he is a man of uncommon spaces and mixes pieces so well.  i. love. him.
right now i am loving the project that is featured on his mister black section on his website.
i am always so inspired by him... dream of meeting him!  if i ever go to brazil it's one thing i have to do!

wowza- that green chair and that brown tufted sofa...heaven!

i love all his details!

those tables are delicious! also loving the skull art.

i need that green chair in my life!

a bmw motorcycle next to antlers...love this man!

this space is eclectic fabulous!!
i would love to throw a party here.
i am seriously always loving mr. torres work!

images via his website

anyone else think he's the bees knees?
hope you had a fantastic holiday! happy almost friday...


  1. Hi!
    I loved your post! It's a honor to be recognized around worldwide!
    Hope that you can visit Brazil soon!
    Guilherme Torres

  2. I'm so glad you liked it, you are one of my favorite designers ever! I really will have to visit to meet you someday!


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