hoop skirt lights at a-frame

right before i left the city of angels my brother from another mother a.k.a. brother-in-law took me to roy choi's a-frame restaurant. deee lish! i spent most of my meal obsessing over my hawaiian style furikake blazin’j's kettle corn, with warm butter, chives & spices - yum!! 

 the moment i walked into the joint i was loving all the big and small design details...but...my absolute favorite part of the place was the hoop skirt light fixtures above the patio! whoever in their crazy creative brain thought of taking hoop skirts and turning them into light fixtures is brilliant...knibb design! i was there at night so seeing these large white flowing lights was a beautiful sight to see.

imagine that movement in a light fixture...lovely! {image *bigskystudio}

A frame patio.jpg
a-frame's patio

the scale is just right

i want one so... bad! it almost seems like it's something i could make on my own...that gives it extra brownie points. i'm in love...with these lights!!

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