hotel lust: take me to the wanderlust... please!

i just got back from a trip to paradise {dominican republic}.  i went with my handsome hubby, his cousin and his cousin's wife jess.  after a fun trip together we started to discuss where to go next.  jess was raised in singapore and has been wanting to take us there...and i want to fly singapore air & stay at the wanderlust hotel...so bad!  so yes, lets add singapore to the list {sucks that'd all be so $$}!

this hotel is bad @$$- neon lights, monochromatic rooms, industrial glam - the perfect mix for a chic hotel!  it's a little off the wall and that's what gives it its coolness!  the lobby and rooms were all designed by different firms, studios asylum, phunk studio and fFurious, together with architect firm dp architects...so it's a cluster of amazing design - there are 29 rooms and each one is different.

they have monochromatic rooms...how can i not be obsessed?!!  look and fall in love...

 [wän-dər-ˌləst] i love you - one day we shall meet! till then xoxo

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