a color test at the ace hotel in palm springs

white walls have been abandoned at the ace hotel in palm springs, california.
colorful rooms were added to give the guests' a better experience! 

watch this video below to see why five identical rooms at the hotel were repainted in three different color combos based on comex paint trends.

take a look at the colorful guest rooms at the ace hotel...

how great is this hotel bedding?!

i'm loving this room with the pop of lime!

but this aqua color is so refreshing...

i love the laid back styling and decor in these rooms...from the exposed bulb ceiling fixture to the hanging art. 

ace hotels can never do wrong in my eyes!

"the rooms are exactly the same but people get completely different feelings from one to the next just because slats and walls are painted different colors,’ says eduardo harari of the comex group. ‘it’s making people understand that color is part of their lives so they have to embrace it.’

 i can't understand why people are so afraid of color?!
when it's dark and gloomy outside people feel depressed,
when it's sunny blue skies, colorful flowers in bloom and fresh cut green grass people are happy??

so why wouldn't you want color in your space?

california dreaming at this hotel's pool!

p.s. did you know the ace hotel in palm springs is a converted howard johnson motel, and king's highway, the hotel's on-site diner, is a converted denny's??! (info found via wiki)

so which colored room is your favorite??
i don't know about you but i'm ready for a trip to the ace hotel in palm springs!
images and info via frameweb.com

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