adore color: orange you glad!

happy huesday color lovers...
today's color is one of da best
o r a n g e
it ties lime green for my favorite color
(i used both of those colors in my wedding)

take a look at some of my favorite orange images below

top left to right
1.  steven meisel for vogue italia (seriously one of my favorite images)
2. love this orange jeff koons inspired balloon book end from fredflare.com
3. orange colors for breakfast!
4. orange ombre radiator...i wish i could do this to mine. it makes them look 10 times cooler!
5. favorite fashion image- will someone please tell me who designed this outfit??! so i can sleep better at night.
6. so fabulous! moderna museet stockholm image via
7. jim lambie - tangerine dream (2004, mattress and paint)
8. i love orange doors so much i have three of my own!! how awesome is this interior shot? image via 
9. who wants UV centre's florescent neon paint?!  i DO! 
10. public art installation in downtown detroit. image via

i couldn't love the color orange any more than i do now!
i hope this post has helped you to love it too!!

p.s. orange you glad i didn't say banana?


  1. Wow...you used orange and lime green for your wedding colors?! I bet that looked amaaaazing! These orange images rock...esp. that orange outfit...insane!


  2. I love color :) it turned out fabulous! I love that orange outfit too!!

  3. I have to see pictures of this wedding!


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