walking on clouds...

while looking out the window when i was flying home this weekend i was starring at the 
clouds remembering one of my ditzy morgan moments...

once while flying with my husband i leaned over and asked him if it'd be possible for me to run across the clouds if i ran really fast?

he looked at me with a surprised face and said, "are you serious?!"
(yes, i just shared a dumb moment, but it happens to the best of us!)

so...on my flight home i couldn't help but admire the beautiful white clouds that were surrounding
 me in the sky. 
i've gathered some lovely cloud images to share...

this is some lovely bedroom cloud styling for ikea
doesn't it look extremely cozy?
image via

i want to paint a room with a color named cloud white!
i love this shot of fluffy white clouds, it looks so soft and comfy.
image via

a room full of white hanging clouds!
image via

holding clouds in your hands
image via

clouds for a beard 
image via

clouds in my face but don't call me a cloud face
(that's for you tori)
image via

doing work on the clouds...reminds me of a level in mario's world
image via

hanging in the sky from a cloud, pretty lovely!

this would make an amazing light fixture
such a cool shot!
image via

a ballerina in the clouds...
photography by rosie hardy

i still wish i could walk on clouds...
happy hump day!


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