ready set paint it red

red isn't usually my go to color for walls. i'll have to admit it's hardly ever my first choice,
see i have this weird relationship with the color, i only like it if it's the deep, bold, rich, happy shade!

 i need to embrace this hue on the walls more.
here are 3 rooms that make me say-
"oh red, i adore you!" 

bold and beautiful shade of red! i also love how the radiator got some red lovin'!
image via

this wall may have an orange tint to it
but i love the monochromatic vibe going on here!
everything coming out of the wall gets painted the same color.
i love it!
image via

love these bold red walls in the dining room of a vacation home in montauk
designed by my former boss ghislaine viñas

red, i promise to love you more!

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