made my heart melt monday april 9th

it's monday
so here are the images that are making my heart melt...

i love this image of salvador dali by richard avedon

this little note is a heart melter- 
"what i love most about my home is the freedom it gives
me to be creative" i have orange doors and random burst of color all over
my little studio-my space to be creative!
image found on interiors-porn.tumblr.com

great coloring and  an elegant pose in such an urban location. goes nicely...
image via

i've got the rainbow in my hands!
image via

cloud white! such a cool shot of the clouds...so nice and fluffly!

the new manhattan...
image via

a lace looking fence...
takes the boring fence to a new level!
image via

"some people are old at 18 and some are found at 90....
time is a concept that humans created"
i'll always be young at heart!
image piccsy.com

this ombre chair is fantastic
i must try this asap!
image via designsponge.com

if you think it's that simple, then do it yourself.
i LOVE this!
image via

best image of the day...
this poor dog looks terrified!
my guess is that he's at the vet.
poor pup!
image via

happy monday readers!!

i hope you have a fantastic start to your week.
much love

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