made my heart melt monday week of april 2nd!

it is monday....so you know i have some of my favorite images to share!

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i love this photo of the child's excitement...
what is wrapped inside that box??
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it's no secret i am such a fan of suzy hoodless wallpaper
for osborne and little...i love the way the wallpaper covers
the table, wall and ceiling!! it's a gorgeous look. image via 

such a gorgeous art deco headboard!
image via 

i love this image! i used to love cutting barbie's hair too...
image via

mama mia...i love this chic interior!!
image via

such an interesting art installation!
mary tuma - homes for the disembodied next piece, 2000
image via 

a well designed kid's room will always melt my heart...
love this little chica in her wallpapered bedroom!
image via

pink double decker?!
yes please...

whatever this is for...i am in love with it. fabulous styling!

geological street art in l.a.
image via

actually-true beauty never fades away...
this art piece is perfect!

hope you liked the images that made my heart melt this monday!!

happy start of the week!

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  1. love the black dress with the white letters on it! gorgous


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