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 one of my very first projects i worked on with ghislaine viñas interior design was the mcfadden project in the west village. this home had an amazing custom sticker wallpaper installation (yes stickers) in the master suite that we were lucky to work with! this project had a small feature in this month's issue of elle decor. (yay!)

"from a distance of a few feet, the bedroom walls appear to be covered in an elegant damask. get closer, though, and the design takes on a life of its own. are those chains of glued-on daisies? elvises, hot-dog carts, dragonflies, and bears? in fact, this ersatz wallpaper is an elaborate installation consisting of thousands of dime-store stickers." ingrid abramovitch 
this unquie wallpaper made by payton turner was the perfect backdrop for this room. we added funky elements like neon yellow bedside tables and kept everything else crisp clean and white so that the wallpaper could be "the one crazy at the party" one of ghislaine's sayings that i love! we wanted to keep the room sophisticated but still cheeky like the wallpaper. payton is uber creative and i have never seen anything else like what she does!! i loved being in this room because if i starred close enough i saw a sticker of george bush next to a fire hydrant that was on top of a lolli-pop. i can appreciate the randomness! the wallpaper messes with you which gives the room personality.

the bedroom

close up of the wallpaper

the artist payton - she looks adorable! don't forget to check her site!!

images via: elle decor photography: addie juell 
you can read the full article here.


  1. This is so cool and even cooler that you worked on the project - Those lamps are soo perfect for that room!

  2. and the neon nightstand was a fun pop!

  3. Sticker wallpaper that ahs been shown by you is truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing a beautiful wall paper


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