this weeks loves

i first noticed this frame because of the bright color. then i fell in love with the size and odd shape. then... the crinkled messy art inside makes it fab-u-lous! i would love something like this on a big wall.

this door in nolita always has something interesting going on, it's my favorite door in the city. last night i noticed it had a crazy lady with prozac all around her. i love the idea of giving your door some funk! 

had a great time attending new york spaces magazine top 50 designer party with my new friend (everyone thought we were sisters) ashlina! check out her awesome/inspiring blog thedecorista.com

i love seeing my favorite building! hearst tower has my heart.

i'm loving my orange doors in my apartment- they still need some touching up but the burst of color on my way out puts me in a great mood.

i got to work the allure magazine best of beauty products party - sadly... i didn't get to walk away with one of they schwag gift suitcases filled with thousands of dollars worth of beauty products. 
can we talk about how amazing it would be to walk off with one of those? 


  1. oooh love the orange door. wowsa

  2. Those orange doors look so fun! I'd love to come see them in person soon, hint hint :)

  3. Gina & Ellen- when they place is finished I'd love to have you over!!


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