when there isn't space for...

a poster of a christmas tree...not a bad idea when you can't fit a real one inside. plus it can roll up nice and tight!

pom poms out of yarn...why yes! i'll use them for gift wrapping and i plan on making some big ones and hanging from my gold antlers.

a bunch tied together would be great to hang...bringing in a little christmas cheer.

when you don't have space for decorations but you still want it to feel like the holidays, christmas will do the trick.

why not make a wreath out of my yarn pom poms...it's cheap and easy!

when you live in a studio in nyc there really isn't much space for christmas decor. i have been thinking lately how to make it feel like christmas without my usual decorations...so i think some of these things (the pictures above) will help solve the pickle!


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