made my heart melt monday

here are some images that are making my heart melt on this last monday of january

i usually hate brown walls (way overdone in my home home state)
but this deep, dark, rich chocolate wall color is striking - plus that island is amazing!!

my hubby and i love taking spontaneous road trips, our car rentals are never this cool but this photo 
captures how i feel driving through beautiful east coast towns! hands up!!

i love love love this candid of this little girl taking her time to admire art.
take your time little one and enjoy!

the coloring and use of paint in this kid's bedroom is the right amount 
of soft and calm! loving the mismatched beds.

i'm a light sleep but a heavy dreamer...this sums me up!

this image is hilarious! "fortune 500 company not a lemonade stand"
some people hate comic sans i guess...

this is fabulous interior styling!! rabbits?! yes!

i love new york city more and more everyday!

wishing i could have attended fashion shows as a little with my mama 
like the mother and daughter in this photo.

i used to have a pup who hated bath time too...

my dream casual outfit! i looooove this look!!

and finally, be kind for everyone you meet is 
fighting a hard battle. this is so true! you never know what people are going through or hiding on
the inside so always be kind!

i hope you loved these images and
i hope you have a fabulous start to the week!


  1. That marble island has made my heart melt x kat

  2. Oh my goodness, that marble island is amazing!!! I love that last quote too!

  3. lol, I took a class in Graphic Design and the teacher had VERY strict rules on forbidden fonts! Comic Sans was one of them!!!


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