eye inspired...house of holland

happy friiiiday!
yesterday my boss and i discovered this fashion house via twitter
after 2 seconds of looking at their fabulous website...

eye inspired
[seeing something with your eye that inspires the living daylight out of you]

so who has me inspired??
great name and logo right?

after graduating from the london college of printing with a BA in journalism, henry holland was catapulted into the fashion limelight in 2006 with his irreverent 'fashion groupies' slogan tees featuring catchphrases such as "UHU gareth pugh" and "get your freak on giles deacon" - from the website

completely inspired by their website...i think it's fabuuuulous!
clean and simple with a splash of funk.

alphabet tights

cloud pants? yes and please...plus that blouse and snake skin suspenders are pretty amazing.

this logo is awesome! go explore houseofholland.co.uk

i like your style henry holland


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