adore color: radiant red

happy huesday color lovers!! 
i've been loving wearing red lips (mac's impassioned) which has inspired today's color

r  e  d

from top left to right
red lips can be a stunning sight image via
i love the two faced plate from seletti
i used these torch lights from established and sons in black but i love them in red
i love jaime hayon and his red canopy chairs! worked on a project where we used the white ones
fabulous sporty look, image via
red staircase and steps image via
 image of an astronaut with red lights
love love love mr. william t georgis and his interiors


  1. Fabulous!! Love the punch of radiant red
    Happy hump day!
    x kat

  2. Happy hump day to you too Kat!! xoxo


I love you for commenting

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