hang em up

have extra clothes and not enough space in the closet for them? and boxing them under the bed is hard to access [i've thought about doing that] then look below to see what clever folks do to display their apparel.

how beautiful is this hanging white log/stick? i love love love the simplicity in this photo!

beautimus maximus

i think of this shot below as a place to display your "tomorrow outfit" ever since i was a wee girl i would pick my outfits out the night before to give me extra sleep in time. or maybe you display your best white pieces or blacks [i did that in my studio...the closet had no room for them] or maybe you put out your "weekend outfit" gives you something to look forward to during the week.

sometimes us girls can take over the closet...this is a perfect idea for the mans stuff!

if you don't have a coat closet...make one!

i really love the idea of having your chic-est clothes out on display [when you don't have enough space in the closet]

make the rack interesting like this one below with the hanging light bulb. add a hanging clock or frame to spruce it up.

i like this... these may be prints of suits hung up but what a unique way to display your favorite article of clothing.

using un traditional hangers will defiantly make your clothes look more exciting.

i think this could only be pulled off if you were a semi neat freak...if not it might just look like a hot mess.

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  1. Except for the toilet plunger one (gross!) I love this! It makes so much sense too! Most people buy random filler crap for decorations, and then stuff some of the most beautiful things they own hidden away in the closet. Especially in a space-starved place like New York, it's brilliant! :)


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