photographic journey through new york city

this might be my favorite. this is the view i see every morning as i head to work, this view makes me extremly happy and gives me warm happy feelings. i heart ny.
i feel her misery...

is he not a cutester?!

i love bodega's...they always have my favorite candies!

this is amazing...

this picture is perfect in so many ways!

those cabs bring so much color to the city.
the place to catch some rays...

oooh... my goodness! does anyone else out there love these photos as much as I do? whitney are you there? i know you have to love them. there are so many more oodles of joy on the site, i couId could spend forever looking at the photos on mynycincolor.com! You have to check out the site to see all the random beautiful shots of the real new york. i want to purchase a few of these photos, this is the kind of new york art/photographs i want in mi casa...none of that cliche shiz of the statute of liberty [don't get me wrong i love that statute]. one day i hope i randomly come across the photographer and land an amazing shot on the website..i think i want it just as bad as i want to be picked up by the cash cab license plate 7N78...fyi.
quote from erin..the photographer "when i go out and shoot, i get a high that i can not duplicate anywhere else in my life and i know that i am doing what truly makes me happy, when i am shooting, i feel like i am doing what i was made to do."
erin-it shows. you're work is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. keep at it!

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