grab a towel and jump in!

currently it is 27 degrees but feels more like 18 here in chilly new york city. when i saw these images of some of the worlds most amazing swimming pools it reminded me of wonderful it feels when it's so hot outside you have to jump in to keep cool. see where some lucky folks get to jump in when they can't take the heat!

harbour plaza hotel. hong kong, china.
a pool with this kind of view?

budapest, hungary.
need a hot bath? the temperature can get up to 110 degrees...so this sounds extra amazing right about now! it looks like they are swimming in a church!

san alfonso del mar. algarrobo, chile.
my mother is from chile and i had no idea the worlds largest swimming pool was there, and she just informed me it's 45 minutes from grandma's. it's 3,324 feet long! imagine swimming there for your workout?! how beautiful is it along the coast?

so beautiful!

the joule hotel in dallas texas.
if you're afraid of heights i would recommend staying at the shallow end.

the neptune pool at hearst castle in california.
i think it's safe to say this isn't open to the public since it was originally constructed for william randolph hearst.

the icebergs. sydeny, autraila.
8 lane pool pretty much on the beach and it's open to the public!


  1. morg! I've totally been to that icebergs in Sydney! beautiful beautiful beautiful bondi beach!

  2. The Gellert bath in Budapest is also a Disco at night if you prefer swimming to music.

  3. Ooo last May I was floating in that pool in Budapest

  4. Wow, those pools are amazing--all of them!

  5. Chris was it nice an warm? Patrice...I agree! We must go to the one in Chile it's 45 min from my grandma's.


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