550 square feet

small living:

i decided i didn't want a headboard so instead i painted the wall brilliant blue by benjamin moore then hung up antlers i found [online] that i spray painted metallic gold. i had to add a little soft and furry.

our desk/table.. i think we've only used it as a table once. floating bookshelf by umbra and my favorite...the red african feathers. it gives the wall a pop of color on color.

moving from utah we had a lot of space [two car garage-three story townhouse-3 bedrooms-2.5 bathrooms..a lot] for half the price of our 550 sq ' studio! it is a challenge adjusting to the small space [but we have a full kitchen and our own washer and dryer so it's doable] ...we have found a place for almost everything so we don't have to live with clutter because there is absolutely no room for that. but that's what comes with new york living and we're okay with that because we love this city.

we moved out east with no furniture so everything was purchased for the price i would have spent on a u-haul and i quickly put it all together in one week. quick & cheap and it's our home sweet home!

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