hate it or love it? that is the question.

is this a floor plan rendering or what?! are you ready to see what's next?

i think this is a stunning shot. but i do wish they would have painted their outlets.

i don't think they could of used anything other than white furnishings...

would you believe this is the facade of the home inspired by the colors of the seasons? i couldn't imagine the planning and color selection that went into this project. would you also believe nothing was placed randomly?
hate it or love it... that is the beauty of art and design! some people could happily live here with all the colors and patterns while some would rather cut the leg off then live in this space. for me, this may not be on my lists of dream homes but i think it's amazing work done by tham and videgard hansson architects [tvark] you must check out their website and see what talented architects they are! did i mention they are from stockholm? yes...i know. i think my obsession for sweden is growing and i must put it on my lists of places to visit!


  1. Love this Morg! Where do you find so many inspiring things? Love you!

  2. I am on a constant search my dear!

  3. Actually I find this really interesting. I'm not sure I would want to live there, but I like the idea of it--how much planning went into it. Somehow knowing how planned it is makes it feel really calm and organized, if that makes sense!


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