i heart so you think you can dance

it's almost that time of year...sytycd time! except this year there is no tivo in mi casa--yikes! this show is so amazing--on so many levels! it gets a post because choreography is creative people- i think it's a form of design- designed movements... here are a few dances i loved from the show. there is no way i could list them all in one post. so they'll come here and there. watch these four dances. three group dances and one alex and twitch routine that will knock your socks off. 

watch hip hop from a ballet dancer  it's a sytycd classic!!
go twixlex!
 season five group hip hop-white stripes. so sharp and soo good!

 season two ramalama every time this comes on my ipod i can't
help it but dance like this-even in the subway. oh wade i love you!

watch another wade masterpiece i love the song, the hard hits, the
costumes, the steps, and i love at the 55 second mark, go boys!
i need to learn to dance like this!!

more sytycd love to come!


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