london's rainbow

first off.. i have been a bad blogger and haven't posted in awhile...i am sorry!

when i first saw this colored casa on the internet i thought it was defiantly worth sharing! i myself am a lover of all things color. but... i haven't seen a colored house like this before! the rainbow house was designed by ab rogers design a london based design firm (check out their other design projects). not only is this house creative...it has little hidden and not so hidden elements that make it even more one of a kind (watch the video below to find out)... this home may not be for everyone but you have to take a look.

i love...this staircase!

this floor reminds me of the wrongwoods collection night table by sebastian wrong & richard woods- such a creative twist to wood floor. the bed in the top right corner rotates for many views, and i must say i love that tub!

watch this video to get a close look of the rainbow home...you may want to mute it though, the music gets to be too much.

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