russian inspiration

i have been recently inspired by the russian design firm nefa research... they know how to make things funky/interesting! i love it when designers make their space completely original--this firm is удивительными a.k.a. awesome!

obsessing over this staircase. obsessing with a capital O!

i like the padding added to the columns and the shades of orange.

an amazing 3d rendering!
if you've seen one of my recent posts you know i enjoy an original way to put text on the walls. russian text wallpaper is genius and i need it now!

i love the way the desks don't look stylized-what an awesome place to work! i would definitely buy some skullcandy headphones and have a killer playlist to listen to while working here!

i love this color and i loved how it is used as a band from the tv wall onto the table. it's a showstopper! if only the t.v. was the green...

love this- love love love so fabulous.

i am bound to love anyone who uses the hayon chairs.


  1. Speaking of Russian, are you familiar with this designer? http://www.artlebedev.com/

  2. No- but thanks for the link...I like their "cow" whiteboard!


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