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if i love it, i have to save it! i have multiple folders on my desktop of images i've saved of random interiors, furnishings, lighting, designers yaddy yadda. i love looking back at them and thinking...oh i forgot about how awesome this or that is- etc! my problemo is i don't save the info behind the image (whoops), i need to be better at this. if i would have made new year's resolutions--this would have been one. anywhoo...here are some images that have been saved on my computer, i save because i love. hope you love them too. xo.

i love the yellow drippy paint...and the sofa is pretty amazing too!

i am not a huge lover of traditional design, but this i like! color done so right and the unbalanced wall is muy beuno.

i remember this home being in norway...i think. i do love everything about this shot.

david hicks?? maybe, yes, no? but really...this large scale graphic on a traditional white molding loved wall?! perfection! 

the lights or whatever they may be above the table reminds me of critters- creepy crawlers above the table!

i think this may be suzy hoodless...oh how i love that lady! she deserves a post of her own...and she will have one! the horns make this room! yes. they. do.

this has always been one of my favorite shots froms miss kelly. that wallpaper is too good to be true.

i love the simplicity in this room-the modern headboard is one of a kind!

love love love! boligmag... i wish i knew danish so i could tell you more about this room!

the log in the back puts joy in my heart! the coloring in this room is beautiful!! i want to eat warm bread with butter and jelly in here please.

this room screams...fall back on the bed and pass out. at least it does to me.

books, black, graphic, fur. it's a good mix.


  1. It was great meeting you yesterday. I LOVE the blog!

  2. It was so great meeting you as well!! Thank you! I checked out yours and love it as well!


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