do you know ms. abigal?

i'll come right out and say it...abigail ahern is a designer i am obsessed with (i know i say obsessed a lot) buuut i am! she does nothing wrong in my eyes- i love her aesthetic. this girl knows how to design!

cutie, ey?

not only do i enjoy her interiors but she has some crazy amazing products... double whammy! no wonder she is one of uk's hottest designers. look how kewwl some of her products are--

how cute and cozy are these rasta floor cushions?! rasta sounds like pasta..hmm? looks like it too.
hmm...which would i take? i think the pelicans.

porcelain chandelier- yes porcelain. jaw dropping!
it would be nice to hang your coat on the one on the far right after a long day.
18th century modern pop art?? give me one, please!

and...her bookcase wallpaper.
this will be one of my next purchases.
now for some eye candy...

i love your style aa! thanks for all the inspiration.

[ images from atelierabigailahern.com, ruthburtsinteriors.blogspot.com, style-files.com,hightstreetblog.com,designspongeonline.com ]

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