art: neo-rococo nicki minaj

nicki minaj is a name i hear quite often thanks to my baby sister. she has loved her forever!! i remember years ago she would always make me listen to her favorite "girl singer" before was mainstream.
my sis has a gift for finding people before they get big! it is kind of her thang!

 my stylist friend jose rodriguez styled miss minaj for bbook.com!! he made those fabulous funky shoes... i love the whole set up. he is fabulous!!

when most people think of nicki they think of her crazy funky style and her bootay of course!

but for the november issue of w magazine nicki was transformed by artist francesco vezzoli
he defiantly gave her a new look, he went down the neo-rococo road.

nicki like you've never seen her!!
you can you read the whole article here

oh! and since i'm on the subject of nicki minaj, did you see the video of her and little miss sass sophia grace brownlee?? nicki said it right... she's going to be a superstar!
if you missed it here you go...

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