made my heart melt monday

warning to you all... this post is a bit random! but what would else would you expect from me?! i post because something has inspired me! 
so before i fall asleep and dream (have nightmares because i just watched contagion) i wanted to share with you some interiors that have me feeling very inspired.
some of the images came from a new favorite blogger (french blog) solovelydecoration.blogspot.com loving that blog!! 
 take a look at some images that have melted my design heart!

chalkboard walls are always amazing but picnic tables for art/dining tables are extra amazing! i tried to do this in  a project once but it never got any love... i still love colored picnic tables and can't wait for the day to do one of my own!

this is just brilliant... so detailed, i love how they embraced the old wooden white stairs and gave the part where the door and stairs meets some blue lovin... plus check out the splash of blue in the artwork above!

{from solovely...}
i recently found a set of old cool chairs in williamsburg for way cheap at a thrift shop- i wanted to buy them, spray paint them and bring them back to life (like the chair above) but i had no idea where to put 5 extra chairs... i live in a studio!!

little tree wallpaper- how can you not love it?

loving the pink jielde sconce on top of flamingo wallpaper.

the styling in this image is fantastico!!

color, gingham, antlers... i love!

another solovely chair-
don't you just want to find a sad dead beat chair and bring it life with some spray paint?! i'm dying to do so... 

buenas noches!!


  1. oh wow! I am loving the creative use of colors here! Gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE the blue and white staircase with the blue door -- SO clever!!


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