beautiful beds

do you ever have days where you feel like you just want to be in bed all day?!
sounds so lazy which is why it sounds so heavenly!! as i type this i'm snuggled in my comforter in bed, still have sleepy eyes from a late night, i can feel the breeze from outside and hear the rain. do i have to get up?? yes you bum, you do!!!

here are are some beds/bedrooms that i would defiantly have a hard time leaving. 
whether it is the styling of the room, the colors, accessories... i think these bedrooms are beautiful!

via rue magazine
via solovelydecoration.blogspot.com

via solovelydecoration.blogspot.com

via lily.fi

via bno design
via interiors-porn
via morgan pederson
via loftlifemag

do you have a favorite?

bedrooms can be so many different things, cozy, sexy, simple, extravagant etc. i think bedrooms are one of my favorite spaces in the home! for me this past year has been weird my bedroom has been my office and livingroom. it used to be a kitchen as well. thank goodness the kitchen has it's own space now! i guess i should just call it a master suite :)

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