wanting wednesday- stripes!

one pattern i can't get sick of... 
you guessed it stripes!

it's a simple but very graphic pattern which i love! it's a pattern you can live with which is important! with stripes you want to be careful and make sure you don't go overboard and feel like you're in a funhouse! there are many ways to use stripes in your home. walls, fabrics, furniture, rugs, art... you name it! 

here are some images that show great ways to use stripes.

sometimes i think people forget about their entry- this may be border line funhouse for some... but i love it!!

ok... this is funhouse! but it has a beautiful/quirky look to it

such a sexy shower - however i think they could have done something better with the floor!

beautiful floors

floor to ceiling fabric is fabulous plus it makes for a great back drop! i'd love it in my office.

i love how this painting detail follows every part of the wall. 

metropolitan home

tiny baby stripes

could be tricky walking down the stairs but i really love the concept of painting your stairs!

door lovin!! i love when doors get some attention and i think a striped door is bad A!


beautiful chair with striped fabric, i love how the same pattern is used on the arm rest

i love this credenza! such a great detail adding the black and white stripes.


  1. Stripes in the home like this would be hard to pull off but in all these examples it is done with aplomb. Looks great!

  2. I don't think I'd ever have the patience to paint stripes myself!


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