i judge... books by their cover

i have two cousins who are glued to books. i envy them!! 
i wish i would get lost in books more often, i really do! i am on a book phase right now because i started reading one today. go mo! so here is a book post!

you know how people always say "you can never judge a book by it's cover"?? well sorry but i always do! books are one of my favorite accessories when styling 
(have you ever styled a library full of books? i did last week and it isn't glamours, at all!!)
i think books make the space feel extra homey! i love it. plus book covers can be so pretty!! my amigo cardon (book illustrator, check him out) let me go pick a few (okay a bunch) of books when his company was moving offices, of course i made my selections by the cover. 
don't hate. 
instead love these book inspired interiors with me!

interior design magazine
ps - if i could read in a spot like this i think i would become a book worm!!

via skonahem.com
via trendenser.se
via wealden times
via anthropologie.com
via alvhem makleri

books are pretty. "b
ut you don't have to take my word for it."
-levar burton, reading rainbow


  1. Love it. Nicole and I love books and our dream is to have a huge two level library with a rolling ladder. Its going to happen.

  2. I share your love for the look of books, I do like to read them, but how cool are they as a design element too! I love looking at your picture choices! Such great style

  3. Books are fabulous!! Thanks Brooke- Deek dooo it!!


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