i spy new york: robert hann

last week while i was in soho shopping for a client i stopped to talk to mr. rob hann.
i had to stop because his photography was amazing! he had images from my part of the country (ut, wyo, cali, nv, the west coast yo)!!  my favorite of his projects is his "deserted states of america" he captured some of the images just as they were on his roadtrip across the country. 
"the deserts of the american west hold a particular fascination for me. born and raised in england's green and pleasant land, i've lived in busy, crowded cities since my late teens. the vast open spaces of the west are a place of silence, wonder and mystery. i like to get lost there whenever I can" rob hann.

here is rob when i met him last week.

highway 70,  new mexico

interstate 10, california

nixon, nevada

highway 62, california (can u believe this was as is?)

marfa, texas (insane!!)

little america, wyoming

salt flats, utah

inchelium . washington (who has this on their lawn?)

cheyenne, wyoming

highway 180, arizona

tommy augusta, montana

dottie wellton, arizona

i am loving his work! the colors are amazing and i think he captures the wild deserted west perfectly!! though most of his work is sold in galleries if you find him selling his work on a booth in the streets of the city you can walk away with a few of his images for a great price between $18-25. after looking at his website a few times i think i know which ones i want for myself! it brought a smile to my face seeing images of my beloved utah on the streets of utah!

it was great meeting you rob, i honestly love your work. you have a fabulous eye, very artistic! hope to run into soon.

all images came from his website www.robhann.com take a look!

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