color: hunter green

when i think of color hunter green would probably be the towards the end of my list of favorites. i'm not really the biggest fan of the hue. but in interiors i think hunter green can be the perfect dark rich color on the wall to make everything sort of "pop".  

hunter green walls may not be a typical choice but it can be a fabulous one.
there are many different shades you can do of the dark green... here are some examples.

i am completely obsessed with this image! i think it is such a beautiful shot, the colors. styling etc! of course it is dutch!

the dark color makes the table and the photos pop perfectly. the coloring in the images stand out much more than if they were on a light colored wall.

there doesn't seem to be anything hanging on the large wall behind the sofa-the dark rich wall color takes care of that. sometimes when you have colored painted walls like this one you don't need anything else to make it beautiful.

here is a good mix of two different shades of green. i love how they used the same wall paint to cover their trim and mouldings. always a nice touch!

the green in this image makes the room feel more traditional/masculine.

goes great with bling!

having the contrast with the white trim and moulding is really beautiful!

not really sure what this room is for... but i think the art with the painted walls look very interesting! 

embrace color! so many times i think people get scared to paint their walls with the not so traditional colors (where i come from people use reds, browns and yellows a lot) branch out! try something new, remember if you absolutely hate you can always repaint it. 

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