adore color: a blue moment

happy huesday color lovers!
yesterday i was feeling a tad bit blue and i know it's because i cooped myself up in my apartment all day resting in bed! i've been traveling a lot lately and getting little sleep which is why i think i am getting sick.
so i think blue is appropriate for today's color post.

study for inner improvement sequence by helena almeida
title: frank herbert (children of dune) via

i want to grab some slabs of wood and paint away!
loving this wooden ombre look. via 

installation done by studio fludd. via

loving this blue moment by kim joon

buy me a colorful coo coo clock and i'll love your forever

this is a seriously fantastic blue painted cement wall

daphne for prada..i can't get enough of her lips!

"beautiful" blue neon sign

go to hell (detail), from trauma & other stories, blue pencil on mylar

have i ever mentioned that i love the color blue??
hope you have a colorful day.

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