#FFF (follow fabulous friday): the.margaret.files

happy friday loves!
today i want to introduce you to a fabulous blogger friend i want you to follow this friday...
say hello to maggie from the.margaret.files!
she has such a great eye for fashion and always has such chic photos on her blog!
i know every time i check out her blog i am completely inspired.
plus, her posts are always adorable.
here are some images i'm loving from her site...

images via the.margaret.files
(how cute is maggie??)

go check out her blog and get inspired by her fabulous fashion posts!!
she also has great pinterest boards
oh...and follow her on twitter and like her facebook page! :)

happy friday!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for the fab shout out , missy!! :)

    xx. Margaret

  2. Love the pics!!!!!!!!!! Looks so gorgeous!

    Erica xxoo



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