get in my closet: floral patterns

as i lay in bed and write this post there are only two things i'm thinking about that could convince
me to get out of bed...
1. go get groceries because my fridge looks like i'm still in college. not ok.
2. go trade/sell my clothes at buffalo exchange to find some floral patterns!

i usually hate trends...but i have been loving floral patterns and my closet needs a splash of floral!
it's a pattern that goes well with other patterns and brings in multiple colors to your outfits.
here are some floral outfits that my heart desires.

the casual floral look
love the idea of wearing a floral skirt with a basic sweatshirt 
image via

this givenchy iris blouse is a little over the top and that is why i lust over it
not a fan of the skirt it's paired with...but this blouse with jeans and heels would
look completely fabulous.
available here

here is a great example of floral pattern on floral pattern
lovin this look by liz of late afternoon wearing paige denim 

the fancy schmancy floral 
dolce and gabbana fall 2012

such a great floral fall look
mixing floral patterns with leather.
outfit post from where did u get that

i love florals! going on a hunt today to find my own...
happy saturday beautiful people


  1. The casual floral (love that skirt) or the floral and leather (love that jacket) work for me! Have a fab weekend, girl!


  2. I just recently did a post on florals too! LOVE THEM!

    Especially with leather!!!!!!!!

    Erica xx



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