made my heart melt monday: august 20th

happy monday lovely readers!!
today i am sharing some images that are making my heart melt...
enjoy :)

sculptural images by stockholm-based photographer philip karlberg

love this image of a mama tiger and her cub!
this is seriously such a heart melter!!
image via tumblr

i would looove to have a floral wallpaper with a neon sign on top!

oh heeey there!
i want to smother this polar bear with love!

fantastic image!! let the balloons carry her away

i'm dying to have a home with wooden stairs so i can paint them!

albert einstein wearing furry slippers!

such a heart melter!!
ryan mcginley from the 'animals' series

remember this...
you have the potential to make beautiful things.
yes, you!

happy monday loves


  1. All so adorable that they made me smile! My fave is the tiger licking her cub photo :)



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