what i love right now: the thought of a dining room!

i feel pretty blessed to have found such a cute studio apartment.
it's our cozy ity bity home and for the price i can't complain all that much!
lately there is one thing i would like to vent about...i dislike being dining room-less!
anytime the hubs and i have anyone over or just want to eat dinner at a table this is what has to go down...
1. everything has to be moved from our desk.
2. then the desk gets moved over to the living space and we open it up into a table.
3. we go around and gather all the chairs.
doesn't sound all that bad but it is on the annoying side.

long story short this girl just wants a dining room!!
one day i know i'll have one and it will be extra special.
for now i just dream about what it would look like.
here are 6 dining rooms that i love right now!

i'm really loving this all white scheme i think what has me lusting
over this space is the fantastic hanging pendant!! seems very homey!
loving this dining room shot by photographer douglas friedman
those black floors are so yummy and any dining room that has planter chairs is great in my book!
(maybe not any dining room)
this traditional dining space designed by laura day flows nicely into the seating area.
it would be the perfect spot to dine then unwind!
wallpaper, interesting lighting and black and white stripes.
just what every dining room needs!
this dining room has more of a wacky flavor than the others and i love it!!
all thanks to the hello kitty ‘‘ancestral portraits’’ and 
wallpaper by vivienne westwood for cole & son. 

black brick is bad ace!
would love some in a dining room.

any other dining room-less readers out there?


  1. I completely get what you mean! I currently have no room for a dining table and am really missing it! But I'm looking for a new place with room for one and am scouring kijiji and craigslist for DR furniture which I'm storing for that future dining room! Thanks for the great post!


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