what i love right now: the fab five (GO TEAM USA)

oh my...
i have olympic fever!!!!
have you caught the bug too?
i love love love the olympics...it's like christmas for me,
i love supporting and cheering for team USA. i feel so much pride for
my country and love watching our athletes succeed!
i wish i was watching the olympics live in london...i would have an american flag
painted on my face all day everyday.

my favorite night so far was tuesday evening ( i have been trying to avoid reading online the results
before they air on tv, i don't want anything ruined for me.)
watching the fab five and the men's swimming all win gold was epic!
i was so happy to watch our women's gymnastic team win the gold medal! first time since 96'
i still can't believe these five girls won a gold medal at age 16!!
they are indeed the fab five...

how perfect was mckayla maroney's vault?! i still can't get over it.
my favorite part was her huge grin at the end because she knew she killed it!!
(how in the heck did she not get a perfect score??)
gif via

check out the judges jaw!! literally dropped...
image via

so glad jordyn wieber got her gold medal...
i was heart broken sunday night when she didn't make the all around!

loved watching the "fab five" find out they won

gold in my mouth stank face kinda moment!!
image via tumblr

this video of aly raisman's parents reaction to her on the vault is the best thing ever!!
my mom would be just like this. if you haven't watched it already you must watch now!
images via nbc olympics
go usa!


  1. Love it!!!!!

  2. Was a thrilling night! :)


  3. Love love love it!! I checked out your interiors and love your taste!!! the bright colors look awesome~~thanks for the love on my blog !!!

    Erica xxoo



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