what i love right now: five fantastic fixtures

a fabulous light does wonders to a space especially when it's statement piece.
i'm going to be working on a space where the budget is pretty small so i'm thinking of
ways to revamp an old fixture. right now i'm finding major inspiration from these fantastic
fixtures i just had to share!

these three copper pendants are insanely awesome!
i would be such a happy designer to use one of these in a project...

who doesn't love a pop of neon? especially when it's inside a hanging pendant!
leone series 1 lights by lanzavecchia + wai

major loving on this vintage saloon chandelier

plenty of adorableness happing here! who else is obsessing
over this colorful pendant by andy coolquitt

these black hanging fixtures are soooo good!
 Illuminate lamps during Il salone del mobile in milan 2012


  1. All fab! Really feeling the copper!


  2. Yeah, the copper is my favorite too. Brilliant. But if I had a little girl, I would absolutely have to have the saloon fixture. The colors and patterns are wicked adorable. Can you put those two words together...?

  3. I love these items! Those black lamp shades are incredible!


  4. Those three fixtures were my favorites!! Thanks for your comments ladies!

  5. Those copper lamps are awesome, I just love them. What designer or brand are they from?

  6. yeah i really love the copper ones to. Which brand is it or where could i buy it?
    Thank you

  7. Where are the copper ones from!?!?!


I love you for commenting

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