adore color: winning gold!

happy huesday color lovers!!
all this olympic coverage has me thinking about one color -
G O L D of course!!
check out today's olympic edition color board featuring some
of my favorite golden images...

(images top left to right)
1. the ultimate golden girl! via
2. i need to use this golden margot george chandelier in a project! via
3. such a fabulous gilded cuff bangle by louise bourgeois 
4. funky golden eye image by maurizio cattelan
5. gold schemed bedroom by designer kelly wearstler
6. wanting a gold casio calculator watch, gold louise vuiton speedy bag and this golden skate from areaware.
7. denim jackets are amazing but this large gold spikes it's extra fab!
8. great diy idea! golden frame with a chalkboard inside! 
9. i would love some golden flatware - via

hope you're loving the olympics as much as i am...
and i hope your huesday is colorful!


  1. Stunning post, babe! That gold eyelash curler image is breathtaking!


  2. Thanks doll!! I love that image too...it's incredible!


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