what i love right now: the thought of a dining room!

i feel pretty blessed to have found such a cute studio apartment.
it's our cozy ity bity home and for the price i can't complain all that much!
lately there is one thing i would like to vent about...i dislike being dining room-less!
anytime the hubs and i have anyone over or just want to eat dinner at a table this is what has to go down...
1. everything has to be moved from our desk.
2. then the desk gets moved over to the living space and we open it up into a table.
3. we go around and gather all the chairs.
doesn't sound all that bad but it is on the annoying side.

long story short this girl just wants a dining room!!
one day i know i'll have one and it will be extra special.
for now i just dream about what it would look like.
here are 6 dining rooms that i love right now!

i'm really loving this all white scheme i think what has me lusting
over this space is the fantastic hanging pendant!! seems very homey!
loving this dining room shot by photographer douglas friedman
those black floors are so yummy and any dining room that has planter chairs is great in my book!
(maybe not any dining room)
this traditional dining space designed by laura day flows nicely into the seating area.
it would be the perfect spot to dine then unwind!
wallpaper, interesting lighting and black and white stripes.
just what every dining room needs!
this dining room has more of a wacky flavor than the others and i love it!!
all thanks to the hello kitty ‘‘ancestral portraits’’ and 
wallpaper by vivienne westwood for cole & son. 

black brick is bad ace!
would love some in a dining room.

any other dining room-less readers out there?


GIVEAWAY: from albion fit (pick your item!) [CLOSED]

and we have a winner!
lucky #13!
thanks to all of you who entered this giveaway and a big thanks to albion fit for offering such fabulous prizes!
stay tuned for another giveaway coming soon...

happy monday!
i so am excited to be doing a giveaway with albion fit!
one lucky design my heart out reader gets to pick 1 of the 4 items below!
how awesome is that?!!
it is easy to enter just read the rules below...

option #1: black ballerina one piece swimsuit perfect for the ladies with a smaller bust

option #2: emerald green blousy suit
unique and flattering swimsuit that hides any unhappy unwanted tummy areas
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 option #3: a large black and white polka dot tankini perfect for those who aren't a fan of one pieces
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option #4: maybe you're not into a swimsuit then this 
super soft  pink hoodie complete with thumb holes and draw strings 
is the perfect pick for you!

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good luck!
what will you pick?!


thought for the day...

always be yourself.
 unless you can be a unicorn.
then always be a unicorn.


get in my closet: floral patterns

as i lay in bed and write this post there are only two things i'm thinking about that could convince
me to get out of bed...
1. go get groceries because my fridge looks like i'm still in college. not ok.
2. go trade/sell my clothes at buffalo exchange to find some floral patterns!

i usually hate trends...but i have been loving floral patterns and my closet needs a splash of floral!
it's a pattern that goes well with other patterns and brings in multiple colors to your outfits.
here are some floral outfits that my heart desires.

the casual floral look
love the idea of wearing a floral skirt with a basic sweatshirt 
image via

this givenchy iris blouse is a little over the top and that is why i lust over it
not a fan of the skirt it's paired with...but this blouse with jeans and heels would
look completely fabulous.
available here

here is a great example of floral pattern on floral pattern
lovin this look by liz of late afternoon wearing paige denim 

the fancy schmancy floral 
dolce and gabbana fall 2012

such a great floral fall look
mixing floral patterns with leather.
outfit post from where did u get that

i love florals! going on a hunt today to find my own...
happy saturday beautiful people


what i love right now: five fantastic fixtures

a fabulous light does wonders to a space especially when it's statement piece.
i'm going to be working on a space where the budget is pretty small so i'm thinking of
ways to revamp an old fixture. right now i'm finding major inspiration from these fantastic
fixtures i just had to share!

these three copper pendants are insanely awesome!
i would be such a happy designer to use one of these in a project...

who doesn't love a pop of neon? especially when it's inside a hanging pendant!
leone series 1 lights by lanzavecchia + wai

major loving on this vintage saloon chandelier

plenty of adorableness happing here! who else is obsessing
over this colorful pendant by andy coolquitt

these black hanging fixtures are soooo good!
 Illuminate lamps during Il salone del mobile in milan 2012


emerald design contest: enter to win $5,000 from sherwin-williams

have a residential interior project you're working on?!
use sherwin-williams emerald paint and you could win up to $5,000 and earn a feature in STIR magazine!

"winning projects need to exemplify the use of emerald paint to bring beauty, durability and sustainability to a residential interior, whether it’s a single room or an entire home. while the use of emerald paint on wall surfaces will be given special attention, projects will be evaluated on their ability to integrate emerald paint into an exceptional design solution overall."

myself and interior design magazine's managing editor helene oberman getting a special demonstration 
of the new sherwin-williams emerald paint by jackie jordan, director of color marketing for sherwin-williams at the launch luncheon a few months back.

contest is open now through november 30th!
first place: $5,000 and a feature in the STIR print magazine.
second place: $2,500 and a feature in the STIR tablet edition.
third place: $1,000 and a feature in the STIR tablet edition.

click here to learn more about emerald paint
click here to enter for your chance to win.

good luck color lovers!


adore color: a blue moment

happy huesday color lovers!
yesterday i was feeling a tad bit blue and i know it's because i cooped myself up in my apartment all day resting in bed! i've been traveling a lot lately and getting little sleep which is why i think i am getting sick.
so i think blue is appropriate for today's color post.

study for inner improvement sequence by helena almeida
title: frank herbert (children of dune) via

i want to grab some slabs of wood and paint away!
loving this wooden ombre look. via 

installation done by studio fludd. via

loving this blue moment by kim joon

buy me a colorful coo coo clock and i'll love your forever

this is a seriously fantastic blue painted cement wall

daphne for prada..i can't get enough of her lips!

"beautiful" blue neon sign

go to hell (detail), from trauma & other stories, blue pencil on mylar

have i ever mentioned that i love the color blue??
hope you have a colorful day.


made my heart melt monday: august 20th

happy monday lovely readers!!
today i am sharing some images that are making my heart melt...
enjoy :)

sculptural images by stockholm-based photographer philip karlberg

love this image of a mama tiger and her cub!
this is seriously such a heart melter!!
image via tumblr

i would looove to have a floral wallpaper with a neon sign on top!

oh heeey there!
i want to smother this polar bear with love!

fantastic image!! let the balloons carry her away

i'm dying to have a home with wooden stairs so i can paint them!

albert einstein wearing furry slippers!

such a heart melter!!
ryan mcginley from the 'animals' series

remember this...
you have the potential to make beautiful things.
yes, you!

happy monday loves

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